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Are you spending your time harassing people to vote for your Favorite Great Leader?

Asking people to “Write/Call Your Senator To Fix Some Problem!”? Then you are part of the problem!

“You don’t understand, this Great Leader is different!”

You’re starting to sound like someone with battered person syndrome.

Remember, by taking this system seriously you are giving power to “the 0.00008%!”

Congress majority / Population = (435/2+51) / 324464680

= 0.00008% (!)

That robs you of your right to complain—by definition! After all, how can they hear you? Even if they could, how could they possibly appease 300 million conflicting demands?

On a pie chart, this is what 0.00008% looks like:

There is (in theory) a blue wedge there representing a majority in Congress, but it’s invisible. Congress would need to be a city of about 2 million people for even 1 blue pixel to appear!

Even if your Favorite Leader were elected, do you really think such a system makes sense? Should such a tiny fraction of any population dictate the behavior of the whole, especially on minute and personal details such as whom you are allowed to marry or what you are allowed to do with your body? You’ve never met these people and you don’t know most of their names! Why are you waiting (and paying!) for their permission on these matters? And why are you badgering them to tell other people what to do?

“Watch out, ‘The Democrats’ have a ‘MAJORITY’… of 0.000167%!”

Those who call this a “democracy” of any sort are beyond hope, but you, dear reader, you should know better than to take such a system seriously.

To put this in perspective, consider a stadium full of 1000 people trying to make a decision about something important. What would a Congress (0.000167%) of this stadium be?

0.000167% x 1000 people (avg. 140lbs) = 0.23lb

= 1 hotdog (precisely)

We would be watching a stadium full of hotdog worshipers waiting patiently for the hotdog to finish deliberating (while beseeching and petitioning it!), and then finally obeying the edicts of its half-a-hotdog “majority”.

“But the hotdog has really good ideas, you should listen to it!”

Hey, I totally get it, you want to replace the rotten hotdog that told you to finance the bombing of hospitals and children with a better hotdog and hope for the best—and there’s nothing wrong with that except why are you using a hotdog to decide consensus on the problems facing the other 1000 people?

I have nothing against smooth-talking hotdogs, but I shouldn’t have to point out that it doesn’t make sense for the 1000 people to defer their decision-making to this one hotdog!

That seems kinda dumb, don’t you think?

Rule Of Thumb: If you’ve never talked to a person, don’t delegate your power to them!

It saddens me so much to see people give their time and energy to dishonest people whom they know only as pixels on a screen—pixels on a screen that don’t even acknowledge their existence! This can’t even be called representative democracy, as representation in such a situation is literally impossible.

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