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MATT: You know what comes to mind? Anonymity in voting. A feature of voting that I forget is that it’s validated through registration. But it’s anonymous at the point of power.

DAN: Yeah, Liquid is anonymous voting.

MATT: And anonymous proxying?

DAN: Mostly anonymous proxying. No one else can see who you proxy to.

MATT: That’s how it should be. So to be proxied to… means removing anonymity?

DAN: Yep, we can all see how our representatives are voting. Before someone can proxy to you, you must approve. If you do, since you now represent them, they can see all your votes.

MATT: And your voting history?

DAN: Yes. Only votes while you approve. You can end that anytime.


DAN: Either side can stop the proxying without the other finding out.

MATT: Makes sense.

DAN: And for all the votes you inherit from your rep… you don’t know whether they voted directly or got their vote from their own rep.

MATT: Hah I really like this.

DAN: You only need a little bit of content and it can drive a very large community. Each vote spreads virally.

MATT: Yeah. At scale. I’m having my mind blown a little bit though.

Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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