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Today we’re excited to announce that is now Liquid US (, the next iteration of our vision for healthier democracy.

Liquid US empowers subject matter experts to weigh in on upcoming legislative votes from City Council to Congress. The broader community can use Liquid to learn about local-to-national legislation and endorse positions that resonate. Liquid scorecards grade public officials on how well they represent the will of their constituents.

We’ve seen increased interest in digital democracy nationwide, with 17 candidates pledging to use online voting platforms to guide their votes in office. Collectively these candidates have earned over 63,000 ballot box votes of support.

On top of this, nearly 2000 people in 45 states have used our Liquid platform to send over 30,000 digital votes weighing in on national items to our elected representatives.

We’ve also made a number of improvements to the platform. You can now:

  • Build support or opposition for existing legislation in your state or city. Here’s how.
  • Introduce and build support for your own policy proposals.
  • Sign up & verify in 30 seconds with only your phone & address (cc no longer required). You can also text “LIQUID” to 474747.

Join us at to get started.

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